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Waxed Sailmaker’s Whipping Twine

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Standard on our double braid nylon dock lines, mooring lines, and anchor lines is flat sailmaker’s whipping twine used to secure the splice and prevent fraying on the bitter end. If the color is not specified, the splicer will select the closest color match to the rope fiber color. We offer flat and round waxed sailmaker’s whipping twine where flat is most often utilized.

Available Colors Include: Black, White, Natural, Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow

When customer’s have multiple sets of lines that are different lengths, they can distinguish between the sets of lines by using different whipping colors for each set. Some customers can specify both the eye splice and the bitter end whipping color to be different, the same, or only the bitter end color to be different between sets of lines.

Sailmaker’s Whipping twine can also be used to sewn chafe guard in place and help keep rope seated within a thimble splice. Customers may specify whipping twine for other type of rope construction other than double braid construction.
custom shipping lines hand sewn sailmakers whipping twine
thimble splices, eye splices, bitter ends that have standard whipping twine utilized for double braid rope

Close-up views of a thimble splices, eye splices, and bitter ends that have standard whipping twine utilized for double braid rope.

custom dock lines and boating shackle hand whipped

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