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About Denver Rope tow line tow bridle

Fenders and Buoys — Denver Rope carries a wide selection of fenders and buoys in multiple shapes,
sizes, and colors in order to protect your boat from banging against the dock when the boat is moored
in a slip. We also carrying mooring buoys for just that purpose (mooring applications). Need your boat
line or wire rope to float, consider a in-line rope float. We can also set in place rope floats for tow lines
and mooring pendant applications. We are a distributor for Polyform and Jim-Buoy.

Fender Lines / Fender Whips — Denver Rope custom assembles fender lines / fender whips for your
fenders and buoys, which are made-to-order per the customer’s specifications. Our fender lines / whips
come standard with whipped and sewn bitters ends (each end), but we can splice soft or hard eyes and
or provide hardware as required by the customer.

CONCERNING CUSTOM MADE-TO-ORDER FENDER LINES — Please consider that many of our boat line requests are for double braid nylon construction; however, we can generally utilize any of the rope materials described in Chapter 2 “Rope Selection Guide” and Chapter 5 “Bulk Rope”. Note there are additional diameters and rope lengths available upon request. Do not see what you are looking for, just ask.

Common Buoy & Fender Offerings

Fitness-Rope Click Here to Download Our Polyform Fender & Buoy Brochure

polyform buoys
As a distributor of Polyform, we carry their full line-up of fenders & buoys available in a wide selection of
sizes and colors. We are also a distributor for Jim-Buoy. Please call or email to inquire about Jim-Buoy products.
custom spliced buoys custom spliced fender
We can custom splice a fender line or buoy line directly as the Captain requires. All our double braid
fender lines splices and bitter ends are hand sewn and whipped as shown above.
mooring line with buoy mooring line with buoy
Above is a rope float on the left and a mooring buoy on the right. Ready to Ship Above are two rope floats. The rope floats slide over rope locks that keep them set in place
mooring line with buoy mooring line with buoy
Above is a fender on the left and a buoy on the right. We offer many sizes, styles, and brand name manufacturers Above we can assemble custom spliced fender whips or fender lines to fit your application

mooring line with buoyorange boat float
Additional examples above, how we can assemble custom mooring lines and mooring pendants

Fender & Buoy Covers
mooring line with buoyorange boat float
Above and to the right we offer a large selection buoys and fenders including large ones as shown here. We are a distributor for several of the best fender and buoy manufacturers including Poyform, Scanmarin, Jim Buoy, and others. For those boat captains with discriminating taste we offer fender and buoy covers also referred to fender and buoy socks / sox. Want the fender and buoy covers personalized, then we can have them custom embroidered! The fender and buoy sock materials colors offered include Black, Grey, Burgundy, Blue, Tan, Hunter Green, Red, and Navy. Embroidered Fender Socks are approximately the same cost of the fender or buoy alone. Give us a call if you are interested custom fender & buoy covers.
Common Fender & Buoy Applications
mooring line with buoy mooring line with buoy
mooring line with buoy mooring line with buoy
Above and below are just a few of the examples on how a houseboat might utilize buoys and or fenders to protect the houseboat from banging against the dock while moored in a slip. We also custom assemble the required fender lines and whips to secure the fenders and buoys. Off course we custom assemble dock lines, mooring lines, anchor lines, anchor rodes, tow lines, and tow bridles.

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Thank you for visiting Denver Rope, we custom assemble all types of fitness ropes, exercise ropes, climbing ropes, undulating ropes, battling ropes, gymnasium ropes, cross-fit training ropes, tug-of-war ropes, heavy jumping ropes, and even custom rigging all using the best materials and methods the industry has to offer. All of our fitness and exercise ropes are custom made-to-order per the customer's specifications in the USA.